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Tourists thoughts of Latvia

Many people knows that Latvia - a country that was part of the Soviet Union. That's why when choosing a place to travel many at once exclaim: "Latvia? What I have not seen in Latvia? ". However, this opinion is erroneous. Do not forget that prior to the entry of Latvia into the Soviet Union ruled the first Germans, then the Poles, and even the Swedish invaders did not escape the country with their attention. All these nations gave Latvia a part of their culture and left their mark on the architectural panorama of the country. In addition, Latvia has always been a favorite resort of Russian rulers, such as Catherine II visited here at least four times a year, and even built his own residence.

The architectural ensemble of Latvia and especially Riga striking in its variety. Here and palaces adorned with expensive gold leaf, and magnificent castles in medieval style, and even more luxurious Gothic cathedrals - all this beauty simply can not remain indifferent to the curious tourist.

Riga - the famous capital of Latvia, those who have been here call it a "Little Paris". This title is no accident - contains whole cascade of historical monuments and symbols of medieval culture, which are combined into a district called "Old Town". It is this area annually attracts thousands of foreign tourists who wish to witness the splendor of the Riga architecture.

Riga is also famous for its nightlife, which starts at about ten o'clock in the evening and ends early morning when the sun is only conceives to show his warm side of the clouds. Nightclubs, bars and numerous pubs - all this leads to Riga youth from around the world. Noisy parties and wild celebrations are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.
Despite the fact that Riga is very rich in culture and is very well developed tourist infrastructure, the main habitat for the tourists is not the capital of Latvia. Jurmala - that is what vacationers want. A wonderful wilderness, which can give you a gentle rays of the sun and the whispering of sea water.

We can safely say that those who decided to spend a holiday in Latvia is unlikely to be disappointed. This amazing country can give a lot of positive emotions and leave a mark in your memory for years to come.

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