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How to choose a restaurant in Riga

What could be more interesting, fun and rewarding than a trip? Travel around the world opens up new possibilities and allows us to look at familiar things to us very differently. Latvia is definetely a country for a visit, and Riga - is the biggest city outthere.


Visiting a new country, we learn interesting facts about the country's history and culture, get acquainted with the sights, stunning her unique beauty and attractiveness. Not least pleasure is visiting restaurants and cafes in the new location. But how to decide in a large variety of restaurants. Everyone understands that no two restaurant are the. And how to choose the right restaurant, to enjoy a delicious meal and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. And agree that not every tourist is willing to pay big money for a trip to the restaurant, accordingly, need to find a "golden midway." In Riga, Latvia there is right restaraunt for everyone.


So, if you're in a totally unfamiliar city for himself (like if you are visiting Riga for the first time), and decided to go to a restaurant, then, first of all, ask yourself a very simple question. What is the purpose of visiting the restaurant? Perhaps it will be a romantic dinner, or perhaps you need a restaurant that will feel comfortable with your little kids.


Having defined the type of restaurant you can safely proceed to the selection. If you're in a resort town (like Riga or Jurmala) - restaurants should be no problem. Most often they are located along the main streets or in old part of the city (both true for Riga). At the entrance to the restaurant is often a stand where you can find the prices and menu.


Another important point is the distance from the hotel restaurant, where you dwelt. Better yet stop the choice on the restaurant, which is not far away. This way you'll avoid the hassle of calling a taxi and additional costs in an unfamiliar place.


The restaurant can be selected with the help of the guide and restaurant guide. In this case, the Internet will be your best assistant. Since you can learn about the quality of care reviews and see photos of the interior of the restaurant. When your selections do not forget to call and pre-book a table. Check in advance whether there is parking, whether there is a ventilation system or air conditioner. Their first conclusions of the staff you will be able to do after the first contact by phone.


Many tourists when choosing a restaurant, pay attention to such factors as: the cost of food, quality and service in the restaurant.


Of course, if you plan to spend a romantic evening at the restaurant, it will be an important factor in the interior of the restaurant, disposing to calm conversation.


Choosing a restaurant in an unfamiliar city, it is important to immediately identify those factors that can not only ruin your mood but also to create an erroneous impression about the place where you have come to rest.


When choosing a restaurant to note the following negative factors:
- Inconvenient location, the dark and not lighted streets, away from the main streets;
- Lack of parking;
- A small range of dishes;
- Unreasonably high prices and incomprehensible menus;
- A low quality service, rude staff in relation to the visitors;
- Discomfort at the entrance to the restaurant;
- Inconsistency contingent at the restaurant;
- In the room did not have enough personal space, the tables are too close to each other;
- In the room stuffy and smoky, the music is too loud.
- Style and the concept of the restaurant is not clear.


Most often, tourists want to get into the restaurant, where the cost of food is acceptable, is a quiet live music and evening entertainment program is arranged. You always want to see friendly faces staff who are always ready to give and to help with the choice of dishes. Restaurants who hold a clear vision, is always in demand and the total weight of the other restaurant they always stand out. So choose a restaurant, even in an unfamiliar city isn't so difficult.

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