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Latvia for travel and holiday

Latvia, a small territory on its eastern European Baltic state, the number of available sites and the level of quality of the resorts can compete successfully with other European countries.

The pearl of Latvia's main attractions, of course, is its capital, Riga, founded in the early thirteenth century by members of the Livonian Order, with a colorful history and cultural identity. Riga is an architectural museum. When traveling to Riga in the first place worth visiting the historical museum, a museum of ethnography and life Latvian Latvian period 17th and 18th centuries, the museum culture "Dauderi" and the State Art Gallery.

Of the religious buildings of Riga you can not ignore the Orthodox Christmas cathedral church of St. James and Our Lady of Sorrow. Urban character is the Cathedral, founded in 1211. Street Trokshno consists of medieval buildings, and street Rosen is the narrowest in Riga and Latvia.

In Riga, there is a recreation complex "Lido", park "Aqualandia" and the garden "Viesturs" with the Alexander gate. Near the center of Riga operates Baldone recreation complex and around the sports facilities are located.

On the shore of the Baltic Sea almost two hundred kilometers from Riga is Latvian center of industry, trade and maritime navigation - Liepaja. City port is replete with moles beacons can be very useful in possession of walks and outdoor activities. It is better to come with children to Liepaja, as it is for them here arranged superior entertainment venues fifty park, water park with pools and attractions, seaside park in an area of 21 hectares, beautiful fountains and ancient castle with historic museum. Quite often there are places of entertainment with restaurants on the streets of Liepaja.

In the city of Liepaja you are encouraged to visit the Church of St. Anne's and Trinity Church, in which there is an organ that is part of the most large-sized, ice arena and Seaside Park, which shows nearly 200 species of plants. The city survived a variety of wooden buildings of the eighteenth century, nobles' mansions and cobblestone streets.

Sigulda is a popular fitness center in Latvia, because it is one of the hardest routes in the world for bobsled and ski training center. Also known by the Sigulda built here once in a truly huge number of castles and defensive fortifications. Not far from Sigulda lies the city of Cesis, the former headquarters of the Livonian Order. Environs of Cesis is extremely picturesque. Here are lined up treatment centers that use local mineral springs.

Jurmala has always been and will be the best and leading resort area, not only in Latvia itself, but in the entire Baltic region. Jurmala undisputed leadership created by an extremely close proximity to Riga and is located just fifteen miles from the capital. In each of all the villages, geographically belonging to Jurmala, the railroad station is built, so any location of Jurmala acn be quick and in convenient way reached by train.

Advantages of the resort of Jurmala in front of the other resorts are Latvian in a unique combination of leisure time in the woods, on the coast and in culture. This is peculiar to the edge of a warm climate and fertile atmosphere that implies a simple break from the boring everyday hustle and bustle, and successful treatment as prescribed by physicians. In Jurmala, a surprising weight constantly entertains visitors, but the feeling of excessive crowding and noise are absent.

Jurmala is inherent to all villages inimitable. For example, for daily walks Majori would be the best, and for sporting activities - Lielupe where there is a yacht club and tennis courts. In search of peace and measured rest should choose Melluzi or Assari. Health centers located in Kemeri and Jaunkemeri, worldwide known for their waters and sulfur mud. Vaivari specializes in water sports, and in Dzintari built the world famous Philharmonic. Jurmala shops and restaurants in excess in Jomas.

Connoisseurs and lovers of fishing will appreciate the Museum of fisheries operating in the natural park "Ragakapa" near Lielupe. The museum tells about the development of the fishery with the exhibition used in the nineteenth century adaptations for catching and cooking seafood. Visitors can take part in fishing and to evaluate the taste of smoked fish, which you can prepare.

Forest trip with a guide or without his participation, performed by a particular route, you can make in Kemeri peat, Black Forest, the Sloka lake or Kanierskogo settlement, which relate to Kemeri park. Park administration is constantly nature-oriented parties with propeller transport.

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