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Weekend in Riga

In recent years the most popular day-off tour for domestic tourists, is weekend tour in Riga. A trip on the weekend at this romantic, and at the same time, Riga is the European capital, is popular primarily for its short duration. Only an hour in the comfort of an airplane and you're admiring the architectural landmarks of Riga Old Town, a leisurely walk on the narrowest street in the city of Riga.

In general, the Riga Old Town is famous for its narrow streets, built in the Middle Ages, and carefully preserved by its inhabitants. Today these streets are not different from the medieval streets of RIga Old Town, except for the electric lights and the presence of a glowing sign above the entrance to the cafe. In all other respects they retained romanticism of a bygone era gallant knights and beautiful ladies, who listened with a sinking heart, love serenades and rewarded liked his troubadour openwork handkerchief. Walking on such a romantic streets at night is very popular with couples and honeymooners who come to Riga for a marriage or as part of their honeymoon.

Walking through the streets of old Riga, may be not only romantic but also very informative. Wherever you go in this beautiful city, you're sure to see the church or the Catholic Church. Churches and cathedrals, which are worth seeing in a lot of Riga. The most unique is the church of St. Peter, with the tower, which offers stunning views of the entire old town and Cathedral, visiting you can enjoy the best sounds of the divine authority of Riga and Latvia.

In addition to the cathedrals and churches, walking streets of RIga Old Town, look for three identical houses built in the Gothic style, and are next to each other. These houses are called  "Three Brothers" and their uniqueness is one hundred percent identical houses together.

You can not, during your walks, not to pay attention and do not notice the famous Cat House Riga. Glazed patio with a unique in its beauty and inner well of the Swedish Gate, which were cut in the wall of the old city by enterprising merchant for transportation of duty-free goods to the Riga.

If your visit on a weekend in Riga coincided with holding of Riga seasonal fairs, consider yourself lucky in this. At the fair you can buy unexpensive exclusive necklaces of amber, unique for its healing properties homemade soap, tasty and very spicy cheese with cumin and pepper, as well as many other souvenirs made by local craftsmen, which fully reflect the centuries-old culture and traditions of the Latvian people.

A trip to a weekend in Riga, will remain in your memory not only for bought souvenirs, seen cathedrals, museums and architectural monuments, but also because of ineffable romance, which is like a gentle breeze gone to your head and make love with the beauty and uniqueness of this beautiful the ancient city - Riga.

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