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Meals on travel: restaurants, bars, cafes

People who go on a journey to other countries often want to try the local cuisine. In the big tourist centers, this area is very well developed, in smaller - not so good. There is also a variety of other eating places, all the Chinese restaurants, French and Italian.

On this occasion, I'll tell you one piece of advice that I gave an avid traveler, the most delicious food is one that is popular in this place. For example sushi is food from the east, and there it will be the most delicious, and local sushi in Riga are good... but it's for sur not as japan ones. The other country is famous of risotto and lamb shish kebab, order them there, they will be the most delicious. So in Riga try local food.

Perhaps someone is interested in vegetarian food, you may be able to find a restaurant or even a place where you will be served a quality product, but you may need to seek out and prepare all their own. The only thing that is everywhere at the same level (low), it is fast food, such networks are almost everywhere, and everywhere they are equally harmful, but damn tasty. While of course we all know from what it's all done, but sometimes very much like a simple hamburger and potatoes fries and Coke, and if you are not an outspoken opponent of fast food, then it is possible to find a temporary way, until you find the normal food.

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