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There are dozens of different size and class night clubs in Riga. Most of night clubs in Riga are open around 10-11 pm.Entrance fee varies from 5 Ls to 10 Ls. We can help you to select best night club for your needs. Or may be you will find related information below in tag based articles list.

Tourists thoughts of Latvia

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... of the Riga architecture. Riga is also famous for its nightlife, which starts at about ten o'clock in the evening and ... is only conceives to show his warm side of the clouds. Nightclubs, bars and numerous pubs - all this leads to Riga youth ... architectural ensemble of Latvia and especially riga striking in its variety. Here and palaces adorned with ...

Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort Hotel

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New and unique hotel and entertainment center located in the center of new Riga, justĀ five minuteĀ away from the old town and train station/bus station or...

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