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Saeima passes second reading of Citizenship Law amendments

May be not all yet know that:

"The Latvian parliament has passed the second reading of amendments to the countrys Citizenship Law The amendments among other changes would open the possibility of dual citizenship for tens of thousands of Latvians now living abroad"

And once again the text itself isn't that important. Neither it gives some actual information on Riga, Latvia inside life. But still - if you don't have better sources - even news like this are worth few seconds.
In Paralympics discus throw Apinis sets record earns silver medal
2012-09-06 17:21:53, Riga, Latvia

May be not all yet know that:

"Aigars Apinis of Latvia has added another medal to his collection earning a silver in the discus throw at the London Paralympics The yearold athlete also set a new world record"

I've been in Old Riga few hours ago and heard as two guys have spoken of this. So.. may be is important for people here.
Saeima committee moves citizenship law amendments to nd reading
2012-09-02 02:57:03, Riga, Latvia

Never you know what is important and what is not. may be you will find it neither interesting, neither important... But still I found that this one is worth few seconds of attention

"Amendments to Latvias citizenship law that include allowing dual citizenship for a broad range of individuals should take effect Jan the Saeimas Legal Affairs Committee has suggested"

I'm going to serf web for a little bit more - will write back here if I will find anything interesting. But not so happens around here in Riga, Latvia these days
Dual citizenship other amendments move closer to approval by Saeima
2012-08-03 06:42:55, Riga, Latvia

May be not all yet know that:

"Changes to Latvian law allowing dual citizenship for people living abroadincluding exiles and their descendants as well as recent emigrantsare a step closer to approval by the Saeima"

I wonder if these can impact tourism in Riga and Latvia. Can't find obvious relation. But... You never know!

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